Power Plant Agreements
Power Plant Agreements

Power Plant Agreements (PPAs) Start Today

Global Carbon Exchange (GCX) has flexible plans to deliver viable commercial solar to your business, with no up-front cost to you. Our Power Plant Agreements are the perfect, full-service solution – we take care of all the groundwork and give you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of Carbon Neutral energy.

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GCX Leads the industry with the Global Carbon Xchange

With the launch of the Global Carbon Xchange, it has never been easier to go Carbon Neutral. You can now achieve Verified Carbon Neutral status with short-, mid-, or long-term agreements with a few simple steps. 22

What is the own your own solar plan?

GCX do all the hard work for you. We will inspect the site and tailor a solar system specific to your commercial premises needs, providing a high usage-to-generation ratio and maximising value and efficiency.

We’ll arrange any necessary approvals, submit required paperwork and take care of installation. We will pay for the system and the installation. After installation, GCX will own the system and the solar power it generates, and we’ll also maintain it to make sure it continues to function at its best.

How can you benefit? Start Today

We will sell you the solar power you use via a Power Plant Agreement. It will be significantly cheaper than grid electricity. Before you sign anything, you will know your yearly solar rates, giving you the ability to protect yourself from energy market price fluctuations.

At any time during your agreement, you will have the option of buying the system outright. The purchase rate will be calculated with depreciation factored in, ensuring you get a great deal. You will own the solar power it generates, providing you with a free power source and the opportunity to sell excess back to the grid for a feed-in tariff if eligible.

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FAQ's Start Today

What is a Carbon Offset?

A Carbon Credit is a certified and transferrable instrument representing one tonne of CO2 equivalent emissions that were avoided or removed from an offset project. Offset projects can be any project that results in the avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or their removal from the atmosphere.

Solar Installations, Wind Farms, Green Hydrogen Projects, Biogas Plants, and Carbon Sequestration are examples of such projects.

When you Offset your Carbon production in your business, you effectively purchase and retire carbon credits to the equivalent volume of your production.

Where do Global Carbon X’s Carbon Credits come from?

We have Carbon Credits from projects across the world, including:

  • Renewable Solar Installations
  • Wind Farms
  • Green Hydrogen Projects
  • Biogas Plants
  • Carbon in Soil Projects
  • Carbon Sequestration Systems
  • Human-Induced Regeneration (HIR)
  • And more

Our team ensure that each project on the exchange meets our rigorous certification criteria before being listed, and projects are audited to ensure ongoing compliance

Do Global Carbon Xchange Projects meet the United Nations Climate Change Reporting and Review Protocols (2015 Paris Agreement and updated at the Glasgow COP 26 conference)?

At GCX, we only source carbon credits that are verifiable and auditable from sites and locations that comply with the United Nations Climate Change Reporting and Review Protocols 2015 Paris Agreement and updated at the Glasgow COP 26 conference.

Clear alignment and compliance with these protocols ensure that not only are the credits valid in the market purchased, but they are also valid across global markets.

With the need to trade seamlessly across the world, you can be sure that GCX Carbon Credits are there backing your business.

What is ESG & Greenhouse Gas Removal (GHG Removal)?

ESG means using Environmental, Social and Governance factors to evaluate businesses on how far advanced they are with sustainability. It is becoming more common to see ESG requirements in upstream supplier and downstream customer agreements.

GHG Removal or Greenhouse Gas Removal refers to removing Carbon from the environment. This activity can result in the production of an equivalent number of Carbon Offsets.

In offsetting through GCX, you may also choose a carbon offset project with a high level of synergy with where your offices/ key clients/stakeholders are located and use this to ‘give back to those stakeholders.

Alternatively, you may have chosen a project synergistic with your organisation’s line of business. E.g. a clean water borehole project for a food and drinks company or

a landfill gas reclaim project for a waste management business.

These strategic choices then allow for the opportunity to communicate these benefits in a beneficial way to your audience and markets.

How are Carbon Credits “Retired”?

Carbon offsets are retired on international carbon registries – such as Markit, APX, and Gold Standard. These will either be retired in the name of Global Carbon Exchange or in the name of the client

(as requested) to ensure single-use and verified Carbon Offsetting.

All Global Carbon Exchange retirements are available for audit as part of the verification process to check that enough carbon credits of the appropriate type and standards are retired to meet all our annual carbon offset sales.